How it Works ?

Paws down a healthier way to feed your fur babies.

How to introduce your pup to healthy barks?

Joining  Healthy Barks Nutrition Pet Food is easy and hassle free!

Step 1

Talk with our experts

A phone/video call session with our pet experts to understand the unique dietary needs of your pup.

Step 3

Choose your plan

Choose recipes, portion size and subscription duration as per your requirement and budget

Step 2

Get the Starter Box

We deliver a 4-meal starter box for slowly introducing your pup to Healthy Barks recipes.

Step 4

Manage your subscription

Seamlessly manage orders as per your schedule and get free access to our nutrition experts

Why phone/video call sessions?

Pets are our babies and they can’t speak. Being their parents, it is our responsibility to understand and take care of their every need.

At Healthy barks, we have a team of pet experts that will assist you in understanding the unique dietary need of your pet via a scheduled 15 minutes phone/video call free of cost.

What is an Starter box?

As pet parents, we are constantly concerned about our baby’s health and safety. At healthy barks, we share this concern.

Unlike humans, fur babies do not easily adapt to drastic and sudden changes in food. We offer a 4-meal starter box with recipes to observe the pet's slow transition.

Starter Box Pricing

You choose right starter box according to your pup’s age, size and breed

Small (Till 15kgs)





Medium (15- 25 Kgs)





Large (25- 40 Kgs)





Giant (Over 40 Kgs)





What are the Plans?

At Healthy Barks we understand that every pet parent has their unique lifestyle and way of raising their babies. Here, pet parents will get many options to choose accordingly.


You can choose from our wide range of recipes and subscription options including 30 recipes, 4 meal portions and 3 subscriptions offerings.

More than just meal delivery

Being a pet parent is a full-time job that keeps your hands occupied all the time. We will partner with you to make your life easier and convenient. We'll take care of the rest while you spend time with your pets.

Expert Support

Get free access to connect with our experts for any query.

Flexible Subscription

Manage  and schedule your subscription seamlessly.

What our subscribers are saying?

“Kramer’s health started improving and I could see a clear improvement in his coat’s shine, within 2 weeks of switching to Healthy Barks. I would also like to commend their great customer service and on-time delivery.”  


“HealthyBarks team has been supportive, insightful and extremely helpful every step of the way. I can not wait to see her growth into a grown up doggo.”