How To Feed

Healthy Barks is introducing the easiest way to feed healthy and nutritious food to our pets.

Food Format

All of our recipes are 100% natural and therefore we do not use any synthetic preservatives to extend shelf life. In order to keep food safe, we rely on temperature control and vacuum packing.

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Packaging and Delivery

Simple and hassle-free methods of packaging and delivery

Vacuum Packaging

Pre-portioned meal, vacuum packed to preserve freshness.

Blast Frozen

Cutting edge Blast frozen technique has been used to conserve nutrients.

Weekly Delivery

Fresh, pre-portioned meals are weekly delivered right to your door.

Storage and Feeding

General Tips for Storage and Feeding

Step 1

Store the packets in the freezer immediately after delivery. The packets must be stored between -10°C to -20°C.

Step 3

Open the packet and pour the food into the bowl. Never let the food sit out in your pet's bowl for more than 3 hours.

Step 2

Shift 1-2 packets in the refrigerator 12 hours before serving or dip them in hot water for 15 minutes before the meal.

Step 4

Serve at a temperature preferred by your pet. If your pet prefers "soupy" food, add some water and let them lick the bowl.

Introducing Healthy Barks Meal

Our pets need time to adjust with new things. To aid the transition and adaptation of the tummy to new food, this diagram has to be followed.

Day 1-2

25% Healthy Barks 75% Old Food

Day 3-4

50% Healthy Barks 50% Old Food

Day 5-6

75% Healthy Barks 25% Old Food

Day 7 and furever

100% Healthy Barks

Additional Tips:

You can stretch transition period 10 days

Avoid overfeeding

Go Slow with older pets

Monitor Transition closely