Our Flagship Product

Custom Meal is designed to fulfill all the special needs of your pet buddies

What is Custom Meal?

Pet babies also deserve a complete and balanced diet like humans to live a happy and healthy life. Custom Meal is our flagship product, where we provide personalized meals, formulated by our team of expert nutritionists for taking care of all the nutritional needs of your pet.

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Gaps in the Existing Products

Lack of Awareness
Due to a lack of reliable information, pet parents are not fully aware of what’s best for their pet babies.
Incomplete Diet
Unlike humans, dogs require a specialized diet. A vanilla recipe of just 4-5 ingredients will lead to nutritional deficiency.
Brown Pellets
Kibble is equivalent to junk food which isn’t even tasty and has multiple health issues in the long run.
Over 55% of dogs in India are overweight or obese which cut down their lifespan.

What we offer

Expert Advice
Free access to our Expert nutritionists and advisers
Biologically Appropriate Diet
Nutritionists formulated recipes which deliver beyond AAFCO standards
100% Natural
All freshly sourced ingredients without preservatives.
All food packets are custom meals as per pet’s individual requirements

Initial Programs

Introducing three unique programs for comprehensive coverage across all life stages and clinical care of your pets.

Puppy growth

Contains the correct amount of ingredients based on the needs of a growing puppy.

Adult Maintenance

Designed specifically for mature adult canines to live a healthy lifestyle.


Catered to tackle the problems like Weight control, clinical cases such as HD, Gastro, Renal, Allergies, and many more.

Starter Box Pricing

You choose right starter box according to your pup’s age, size and breed

Small (Till 15kgs)





Medium (15- 25 Kgs)





Large (25- 40 Kgs)





Giant (Over 40 Kgs)





What goes in the food?

All the recipes are crafted by nutritionist and experts for the balanced nutrients & delicious taste

Primary meat
Cooked Chicken/Mutton/Buff/Pork
Bone & cartilage
Cooked Paste Chicken bone, neck, feet
Cranberries, Papaya, Orange, Mango
Secondary meat
Carrot, Cucumber, Pumpkin, Spinach, Green beans, Sweet Potato, Beetroot
Essential Oils
Cold pressed Olive, Coconut, Sunflower

Organ meat
Chicken/mutton liver, Gizzards, heart
Gluten free grains
Brown rice, Oats, Barley, Buckwheat, Quinoa
Proprietary herbs & seed mix

So, how it works?

Step 1
Talk With Our Specialists
Step 2
Get Your 4-Meal Intro Box
Step 3
Share Your Experience
Step 4
Finalize the Subscription

Easy come, Easy store

We do hassle-free packaging for the ease and convenience of pet parents.

Pre-Portioned Packaging

Meals are pre-portioned for the full week.

Weekly Delivery

Meals delivered at doorstep every week.


Just heat the meal and see the bowl get clean it self.

Easy Storage

Meals could be stored in a refrigerator.

Know more about storing and feeding